Planning for WalkInto Product Subscriptions.

We are putting together last touches for the commercial tools you will need to use WalkInto in a PAID mode. This note is to give you a heads up on what to expect.

  1. Products, Plans and Pricing will be announced by Dec 15th, 2015. (There is NO unexpected price change from the USD 30 / year / tour hosting plan retail rate.)
  2. There will be 4 products — Hosting Plans, White Label Domain, Pano Connector and Extra Upload Space.
  3. You can purchase these as time bound subscriptions using a credit card. We are using the very secure PCI compliant Stripe checkout flow that does not require the server to know the credit card details. Thank god!
  4. Products can be purchased for subscriptions as small as for 1 Week to as large as LIFETIME. Different convenient notches in between. Extra upload Space is sold for LIFETIME ONLY.
  5. Bulk purchases of certain products are eligible for discounts. These discounts can be availed using COUPON Codes during checkout. We like COUPONS so expect some nice coupons along the way 🙂
  6. Some of the product subscriptions are automatically activated on purchase — eg. Space, Pano Connector. Some of the subscriptions will stay dormant and the clock will start ticking only when you start using it. Example : Hosting Plans, White Label Domains.
  7. All current tours will automatically move to a FREE HOSTING plan on the day these products will be released for purchase (target Dec 15th, 2015).
  8. When a tour is moved to FREE HOSTING the default SETTINGS will apply. These settings can be modified for a tour once you apply a Hosting Plan.
  9. Applying a hosting plan to a tour is an irrevocable action. However you can continue to edit a tour on a PAID hosting plan (Isn’t it obvious!)
  10. Everyone will get a 2 week window to apply appropriate subscriptions to the tours you want to move to PAID Hosting. During this 2 week grace period system will not run advertisements on FREE HOSTING tours.
  11. Current Regional Partners (RPs)will see an automatic $0 purchase for the White Label Domain. This is a complimentary product for RPs. This subscription will be valid trough the time Regional Partner Status is maintained.
  12. When you transfer the ownership of a tour to another user the new owner will also get the valid hosting plan(s) associated with a tour.

Anything we are not clear on please write in. Thank you!